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Michael Schacht is the best headshot photographer this side of the Appalachian Trail. It's a crazy time that we live in and the reality is that if you're a living breathing human that has an online profile of any kind, you're in need of a professional headshot. Headshots are just for actors anymore. This image, this picture of your face, is the logo for your personal brand, and as such it needs to be given the attention it deserves. Once you click the submit button on that social media account creation page you have joined the wonderful world of marketing. Your product is yourself and your headshot is your branding. Let's work together on creating an amazing personal logo so that you can take your personal brand to the next the level. I've got years of experience working with normal people just like you. Don't settle for anything less than best, and give me a call today. My favorite part about what I do is all of the wonderful people I get to meet. I make it a personal goal to try to connect on some level with every human that walks through my door and it amazes me the doors that trick has been able to open. Not only do I photograph actors, and small business owners, but now I go on location and I photograph entire teams of people. There are dozens of companies around Chicago that have hired me to photograph thousands of their employees. And each person has their own story. Each person brings their own life into each image that we work together to create. If you're still reading this, I suggest you stop and just give me a call to schedule your chicago headsohts today. Everyday you let pass with a bad headshot is another day that you're not going to get that better client, better job, or in many cases, better life.

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