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NDS 24X7 Photographer

NDS 24X7 Photographer

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We are more than just wedding photographers and film makers, we are visual storytellers. Let us narrate your story, and create a harmonious connection between your hearts and our pictures for decades to come. Years in the field have sharpened our artistic prowess with keen attention to detail and contemporary techniques, producing photographs that are the perfect balance of romantic portraiture and multi-dimensional imagery. Our professional yet informal approach gives us the opportunity to capture impromptu moments that convey your story in the most realistic way We make wedding films with a cinematic HD video editing style to preserve all of the vibrancy of your special day, preferring to tell your story in the style of a documentary. Our active editorial and photography experience ensures that our style is a blend of fine-art photojournalism that is candid and pure, with a distinct touch of glamour and beauty. We find inspiration in Love, the most natural and honest human emotion. With each event, we challenge ourselves to a pursuit of happiness. We love to capture these genuine sentiments and spontaneous instances in candid expression through photography and film. They will be permanent reminders of your wedding day which you will look back on years from now in nostalgic reverie and experience the same surge of emotion as you did that very day. You will remember the things that didn’t go according to plan, the things that were simply perfect, and discover fun moments you had even missed! We are a team of enthusiastic, creative photographers, videographers, editor and designers working all together to bring a magic to the most special event of your life The Wedding. Our team truly captures a feeling within the lens, taking a photo not just the bride and groom, but the love, hugs, tears, laughter and all those memorable special moments.

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