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2020 ZEISS Photography Award

2020 ZEISS Photography Award

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The ZEISS Photography Award is an international photography competition that challenges photographic artists to submit bodies of work responding to a selected theme. For its fifth edition, the ZEISS Photography Award today announces the theme of “Seeing Beyond - Discoveries”. Photographers entering the competition are asked to enter five to ten strong images that align with the narrative of discovery. The competition is free to enter at and the deadline is February 4, 2020 13.00 (GMT). 

The theme “Seeing Beyond - Discoveries” tests photographers to use their camera as a tool to explore and question the world. Throughout time the human race has thrived on making discoveries, whether it be a personal revelation, a scientific and technological breakthrough, or an idea that has led to social change. The ZEISS Photography Award provides the opportunity for artists to put a spotlight on these new, unseen discoveries in life. All submissions must be accompanied by a supporting statement outlining the story behind the body of work.

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