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Janeson Films

Janeson Films

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Janeson Films is a full-service, creative, digital video production company (producing, music videos, film, commercials and television) that is constantly moving forward both creatively and technically on every project it undertakes. 

Music Videos

Video directors at Janeson Films tailors your music video production to your needs and budget - a performance video might be shot with just a director and director of photography or if we're taking things up a level, they might have a separate Ronin / Steadicam or drone operator for bigger camera moves on a narrative video or a bring a choreographer on for a danced based video.

Corprate Video Production

Janeson Films has a team of directors and scriptwriters who are well versed with various types corporate video production needs example, traditional corporate videos, promotional videos, talking head interviews, testimonial videos, case studies, motion graphic animations and explainer videos.

Live Events

Janeson Films also provides Live event coverage solutions at seminars and talks, outdoor events, live theatre shows and more creates multi-purpose video content. Footage from event coverage can be used in post-event promotion to show people what they missed or remind people who attended what happened and give both a reason to attend the next event and drive ticket sales. Filming at live events can produce content which works in one of the following ways… General event coverage shows what was there, what happened and who was there - highlights of the event plus optional interviews or testimonials with attendees, guests or members of the public. This type of video content can be used after an event to promote the next event so potential attendees get a feel for what will happen. 

Motion Graphics and Animations 

Janeson Films motion graphics, animation and visual effects team produce bespoke 2D and 3D content to stand alone or compliment their live action production work. Janeson Films produces a wide range of animation work including add-ons to their live action work such as specially animated titles and company logos through to lower third name graphics, animated onscreen text and graphic enhancements. Full animation work includes lyric videos for music acts and explainer animations for businesses. 

Lyric Music Videos Production

Janeson lyric music videos are works of art in their own right. They stand up against the best from all music video production genre’s. Every lyric video from Janeson Films is 100% original and designed only for you. Lyric videos are ideal for bands and artists who need their music heard and a visual presence for their brand. Fans love them and so do the artists. They can be used for some low-cost PR, an upcoming album even before the original video is filmed

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